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About Design Journeys

“Design Journeys” is a collection of stories about the professional lives, contributions, and portfolios of designers—contemporary and historical—from traditionally under-represented groups or backgrounds.

The series, which started in 2007 and was funded this year by an NEA grant, provides engaging media-based stories about human experiences and non-traditional professional pathways that demonstrate creative methods used to overcome hurdles—whether social, political, cultural, professional, or personal.

Part of AIGA Diversity & Inclusion initiative, Design Journeys celebrates candidates who represent the multi-faceted definitions of diversity, including gender, ability, cultural and ethnic origins and race, as well as age and socio-economic conditions.

Individuals selected for Design Journeys are published in this online archive along with a lively narrated slideshow, an interview with a colleague that they connect to on a deep level, or an insightful essay for posthumous celebrations, along with useful biographical milestones.

History of the project

"Design Journeys" was originally conceived in 2005 through an AIGA task force on Professional Diversity. The first installment of 25 designers (below) was selected by a "Design Journeys" board of advisors in 2007 and was featured publicly in the interactive exhibition, “Design Journeys: You Are Here,” at the the AIGA national design center in 2010.

Following a second wave of profiles published in 2015, this new selection of profiles, nominated by the D&I task force, serves as an accessible body of research and captures talent to inspire the next generation of young people from diverse backgrounds to consider design as a viable and rewarding career opportunity.

2018 Design Journeys

Nadine Chahine portrait Nadine Chahine
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Jorge Gutierrez Jorge Gutierrez
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Louise E Jefferson Louise E. Jefferson
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Husani Oakley Husani Oakley
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Liz Ogbu Liz Ogbu
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Robert Savon Pious Robert Savon-Pious
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Justin Skeesuck Justin Skeesuck
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Jury and selection process

This year’s selection was made with the help of AIGA Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) task force: under the leadership of Maurice Cherry, a list of potential profiles was gathered, then shortlisted by task force members Jacinda Walker, Nekita Thomas, Phim Her, and Nida Abdullah. A jury composed of Ashleigh Axios, Obed Figueroa, Heather Strelecki and Michele Y. Washington helped us filter to land on the final list published here.

NEA lock-upThe Design Journeys series is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The series was curated and edited by Laetitia Wolff, director of strategic initiatives and additional support provided by Lilly Smith, editorial project manager.

Learn more about AIGA Diversity & Inclusion.

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