The AIGA Guide to Careers in Graphic & Communication Design

Are you prepared for a future career in design? The landscape of the profession is changing rapidly, and designers are increasingly working in unfamiliar (and exciting) territory with a lot of questions: How do I stay relevant? How do I prepare for a career when my dream job or project might not exist in five years?

The AIGA Guide to Careers in Graphic and Communication Design (Bloomsbury, 2017) is here to help you. Read excerpts of the book to get answers to some of your anxiety-inducing questions, like:

Author, designer, and educator Juliette Cezzar offers contemporary perspectives that can help professionals at every stage of their career explore the expanding field of design, better understand its changing trends, and find their place within it.

Originally written in 1993 by Sharon Helmer Poggenpohl, this new take evolves the invaluable resource with newly emerging disciplines, new practices, and interviews with more than 40 designers from every discipline and career level, including: Nicholas Blechman, The New Yorker; Rob Giampietro, Google; Njoki Gitahi, IDEO; Hilary Greenbaum, Whitney Museum; Holly Gressley, Vox Media; Cemre Güngör, Facebook; Natasha Jen, Pentagram; Renda Morton, The New York Times; and Alisa Wolfson, Leo Burnett Worldwide.